Google Analytics IQ

Google Analytics IQ

The Google Analytics Certification is an industry-recognized analytics certification. Adding this industry-wide certification to your resume will significantly increase your chances of landing a job in digital marketing. This program was created by industry experts to help you learn real-world Google Analytics from the ground up and build powerful models to generate useful business insights and predictions. This program is intended for recent graduates and early-career professionals interested in advancing their careers in analytics, the most in-demand job skill. After successfully completing the course, students are guaranteed internship opportunities.

Modules of the Course

Google Analytics IQ

  • Social Media Analysis
  • Facebook Insight Monitoring
  • Instagram Analytics Monitoring
  • LinkedIn Performance Review
  • Twitter Analytics Monitoring
  • Website Analysis
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Webmaster
  • Google Search Console
  • Market Research

Opening Hours

  • Day
    Mon - Fri
  • Time
    1 Hours
  • Duration
    15 Days