Content Marketing

Content Marketing

This advanced content marketing course teaches participants how to create compelling marketing content by focusing on the critical strategies, tactics, and best practices required of a writer to create and improve an effective content marketing strategy. This Content Marketing Digital Aacharya training will teach individuals how to use various content marketing strategies to attract potential customers, make a case for their products or services, overcome marketing obstacles, etc. Attending this training will also
help individuals develop compelling content marketing strategies that will deliver desired results and advance their careers.

Modules of the Course

Content Marketing

  • Website Content
  • Web Pages Content
  • Title
  • Description
  • Keywords
  • Social Media Content
  • Post Caption
  • Image Content
  • SEO Content
  • Blog
  • Article
  • PDF
  • PPT
  • Submission Content
  • Que & Ans.

Opening Hours

  • Day
    Mon - Fri
  • Time
    1 Hours
  • Duration
    15 Days